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Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic

Mission Statement

Promote Health, Well-being, Abundance of Energy, Internal Peace and Strength.


Specialized ACUPUNCTURE treatments for PAIN REDUCTION and IN-FERTILITY are two of our major areas of expertise in addition to all the standard TCM (Tradition Chinese Medical) treatments and skill sets. All services include Naturopathic Medical Guidance and Advice in relation to the best natural treatments to maximize & promote healing.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy, (CST) which is gentle and effective, is the treatment of choice throughout pregnancy and afterwards for the newborn child. It realigns the cranial bones after the traumas of delivery, allows the child to suckle without pain and brings relief to the underdeveloped digestive system, relieving colic, silent re-flux, heartburn and agitation. In Adults, Canio-Sacral Therapy is excellent in relieving Anxiety, Panic attacks, Neck pain, Migraines and Headaches.




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Acupuncture needles are finer than human hair and are less bothersome than plucking your eyebrows.

Many clients experience a great sense of calm and tranquility when the complement of needles have been inserted.

All acupuncture needles are sterile until opened, are single use only and are then disposed of appropriately.