June 25th. 2017

I had been trying to conceive for over a year before I met Sean and had been through the mill of conventional medicine. I found that experience extremely stressful both physically and mentally. I was an emotional wreck after it.

I have found Sean’s approach to be more focused on me as an individual. While he is treating me for a specific issue he is also improving my general well being and mental health. He has helped me to deal with my stress levels (which were very high) and I am a different more relaxed person because of him. I have faith in Sean and his methods.

As well as having a wealth of knowledge and experience Sean is also very warm which is something that I appreciate especially when being treated for such a sensitive issue.


June 26th. 2017

In February 2017 I began to suffer badly with lower back pain. I began a string of visits to GPs, consultants, and therapists of different kinds. After several different diagnosis and an MRI I was told I would have to put up with it and that it would probably resolve itself in three months. By the middle of May the pain, which was traveling down my left leg, was so bad I had to take a leave of absence from work.

It was then that I was told about Sean in Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic. After his initial thorough examination he proceeded to treat me with Electro-Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage and Naturopathic Medicine.

I felt relief straight after the first treatment. By my fourth visit I was back exercising & cycling.  Today, my seventh visit, I can go for walks, cycle and lead a normal life. I am now ready to return to work.  Thanks to Sean's professional & personalized skills and dedication I am pain free & I now follow a Detoxification program each morning and incorporate a healthier approach to exercise, self-care & well-being.


June 27th.  2017

After a car accident in 2016, I had very bad back pain. When I started with Sean, I anticipated that I might get some relief but was completely surprised; almost as soon as the first treatment was over I actually felt better. With each treatment thereafter I continued to feel better.  

I am a firm believer that if I had not found Sean, my pain would still be here today. Also just to let everyone out there know, the procedure is painless. Thank you so much Sean.


August1st. 2017

I have been attending Seán for a few months now as I was feeling physically and emotionally exhausted.  I was in a lot of pain all over my body but mainly my back.  Sean did Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture and Massage on me over a few months.  He took a holistic approach to my well-being and gave me advice on my general health.  I feel I am improving greatly in all areas of my health. 

He is a very professional therapist with a very caring approach.  He is an amazing person with a great healing energy about him.  I would highly recommend Sean to anyone.  I am very thankful for all his help.


Dec. 26th. 2017

After years of struggling with infertility I began attending acupuncture feeling defeated and very emotional. 

Sean’s huge wealth of knowledge, his professionalism and also his warmth and kindness gave me a new confidence that I could overcome the issues that had been standing in our way. 

 I truly believe my husband and I would not be looking forward to welcoming our second child without Sean’s help and we will be forever grateful. 



I was diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease in 2016 and I spent 8 weeks in hospital as they tried to decide if I needed a liver transplant as my liver was degenerating.

I opted for the natural route and when I came out of hospital I spent a year and a half bouncing from acupuncturist to healer to the ‘best’ recommended diets. Whilst some elements were good they didn’t really support me in what I needed.

In January 2018 I came across Seán Mallen in Nature’s Health & Acupuncture Clinic. Since beginning work with Seán my inflammation markers have reduced by 137 and continue to reduce every month.

Each time I go to the hospital for blood work my body looks healthier and healthier. I had an ultrasound the other day and there is no inflammation in my liver, spleen, gallbladder or kidneys; inflammation in other organs can go hand in hand with liver disease.

Seán is not only an excellent acupuncturist, he is intuitive, kind, caring and is truly focused on the best possible outcomes for all his patients. Seán has an innate ability to see the bigger picture whilst using all his expertise and experience to guide him in developing a program specific to your needs.

I am truly grateful that I met Seán as I feel so healthy and normal again, I honestly could not recommend a better person to guide you in your healing journey.

Róisín Kirwan