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Since 2012, Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic has dedicated itself to specializing in four pathological areas:

1.Relieving Pain: 

Relieving pain and bringing relief from neurological & musculo-sceletal disorders including: nerve, joint, neck & back pain, sciatica, headaches & migraines in Men & Women of all ages.

2.In-Fertility, Pregnancy & Women's Health Issues:

Irritation, Pain, Energy depletion & Exhaustion

(i) Resolving In-Fertility conditions, Pregnancy problems & Women's Health issues.

(ii) Supporting and preparing for IVF & IUI procedures and post-procedure, with specialized Acupuncture treatments.

(iii) Induction of labour via Acupuncture without any medication.

(iv) Turning of breech presentation from the 34th. week to the 36th. week of pregnancy.

3.Paediatric Difficulties:

Healing of new-born & infant conditions such as Colic, Silent Reflux, Sleeplessness, Incessant crying, Constipation, Cranial Malformation & Suckling issues.

4.Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression, Stress, Toxic bowel & liver conditions.   

STRESS, & DEPRESSION -     a prison in modern life!


We are at the forefront of Fertility-supported Acupuncture Therapy, Emotional Anxiety treatments and in the fight against Pain; particularly trigeminal neuralgic pain, pelvic and sciatic pain and other common back, neck/shoulder & joint-pain conditions along with headaches & migraines.

Whatever your condition; throughout all our treatments each person is supported and guided in complete confidentiality & security with the addition of Professional Naturopathic Medical Advice including Liver & Full-body Detoxification protocols, Tai-Chi postural movements & Chi-Kung breathing exercises to cleanse & clear the meridians and enhance the body's energy.


Our Mission

Promote Health, Well-being, Abundance of Energy, Internal Peace and Strength. This is the aim and purpose of Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic.


What We've Achieved

  • The creation of a genuinely beneficial experience for each and every person, in increased wholeness, well-being and health.
  • Allowing Acupuncture,TCM, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy to become a transformative source of healing.
  • Treating the complete person, mind body and spirit, not merely a set of symptoms
  • Integrating multiple modalities of Healing into one therapy, Whole-Body Wellness.
  • Present, teach and promote detoxification protocols that our clients can do for themselves at home.
  • Teach Chi Gung breathing techniques.
  • Incorporation of elements of Tai Chi & Yoga into the healing process.