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At Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic we care about your privacy and your rights under the new Data Protection Regulation 2018. This Privacy Statement is to help you understand: 

What data we will require from you and why.

Who will have access to your data

How your data will be handled

That you are at liberty to freely offer this data or not.

That you have the right to access your data (SARs)

Your rights under the GDPR.

Upon contacting NATURE'S HEALTH & ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC you will be asked by the Therapist, Sean Mallen, for your Name, Address, Age, Date of Birth, Occupation, Email, Contact phone number(s) & information regarding your presenting condition(s) (what you want to be treated for) and about your related medical & health history and/or of those of your children or dependents if they are being treated. This may include information about: your personal life, your emotional experiences such as traumas or loss you may have experienced if relevant to your condition, medical test results such as MRI reports, results of blood analysis, hormone tests, semen analysis, X-ray results and any other medical test results or information relating directly or indirectly to your presenting condition(s).

The above cited data will be entered into our client forms on a computer system that is strongly secured by an encryption program and a backup will be kept in a cloud storage that complies with all the security measures required by the data protection regulation.

As your data will be communicated verbally initially over the phone, and later in person in the clinic during the initial consultation, the legal basis upon which the data is obtained is that of consent. The legal basis is of  CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION with regard to scheduling appointments and their being carried out. The legal basis is of LEGITIMATE INTEREST with regard to explaining or offering clients seasonal offers, new therapies or loyalty or discount offers or amendments to clinic opening hours. You will be offered the opportunity, upon arrival at the clinic, to opt into allowing Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic to retain your data for the sole purposes of informing about your presenting condition(s) and for the purpose of obtaining the best possible treatment(s) and advice for your presenting condition(s).

Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic will never share your data with a third party without your prior written consent, unless legally obliged to do so.

In the same way that you opt in to allowing Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic to retain your data, you also have the right to opt out at any time and request that your data be erased. You should email the clinic via  and make it known that you wish to opt out. Once any legal, insurance or data protection retention requirements have been met, your data will then be erased. You also have the right to amend your data or have access to your data in either printed or electronic form or both free of charge.

Your data will be used by Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic to communicate with you regarding your on-going and possible future treatments, your data and its processing. Your data will also be used to inform you, if you so indicate that you wish to be informed, of any new services or offers that the clinic may have.

Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic also wants to inform you of your rights under the GDPR. You have each and every one of the following rights and Nature's Health & Acupuncture Clinic will willingly  respond to each and every one of them according to the best of our ability and in accordance with the spirit of the GDPR.

The Right of Access & receive a copy of data (no charge)
The Right to correct errors in your data.
The Right to Object to the use of your data
The Right not to be subjected to fully automated decision making
The Right to be forgotten (data erasure)
The Right to Restrict processing
The Right to Data Portability (to receive a copy of their data in a machine-readable format)


Details of the Subject's data shall be  provided in the form of an electronic copy of their data and/or or in printed format sent by standard post.

Clients do NOT have the right to see the documentation that contains their personal data, only the personal
data itself.

The data subject, i.e. the client, has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. e.g with the  Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. ODPC                   E-mail:

All requests for SARs will be duly recorded and responded to in one month or earlier if possible.


Should you require clarification of any of the rights mentioned above you should feel free to contact the clinic either via email: or on 087 90 99 391 where you will be given our full assistance as soon as possible.